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PostNord Strålfors 3D-Prints And Delivers Orthopedic Parts For The Healthcare Sector Through An Integration With Sectra's IT System.


MTR saw early gains from using 3D technology in production, but it was not until they encountered a downtime in the CX wagons that are over 50 years old that they began to use the technology.

PostNord Strålfors is the leading provider of communication and logistics solutions in the Nordic region — together with the medical technology and cyber security company Sectra, enables seamless ordering and distribution of 3D-printed orthopedic parts for healthcare providers. 

PostNord Strålfors strives to make the 3D market more accessible to companies through easy access to professional 3D printing.

“One of the areas we work within 3D-printing technology is healthcare – where surgeons and radiologists can order 3D-printed orthopedic anatomical models to use, for example, during the planning phase of an operation or while testing operating procedures”, says Tomas Lundström, Head of 3D at PostNord Strålfors. 

Sectra is one of the world’s leading providers of IT systems for managing medical images and patient information – supporting healthcare providers in achieving patient-centered care. This partnership integrates PostNord Strålfors’ technical solution ‘3D Solutions’ into Sectra’s IT solution ‘3D Trauma’, which converts X-ray data into medical-grade 3D images. The integration enables the hospital staff to order 3D-printed orthopedic parts without having to create different file formats or search for suppliers.

That means the surgeon and their team, or other healthcare providers can try out different methods of an operation before they do it, in 3D-printed materials. The materials used for the prints are much cheaper than if they made a prototype themselves, and the lead time from order to delivery is within a couple of days. And all things are just a few clicks away on their own platform.

“We’re very happy with our partnership with Sectra. The integration will make it easier for hospitals and other healthcare providers to access 3D-printed orthopedic parts quickly and hassle-free. This is completely in line with our vision of making the 3D market more accessible in the Nordic region.” says Tomas Lundström.  

A Hassle-free environment

This partnership makes 3D printing more accessible for all personnel using Sectras platform. And the easy access to order a 3D-print replica of an X-ray part makes the system efficient for everyone.

Tomas means this technology literally can save a person’s life. And to have that possibility within reach of a button is unique. It can prevent risks that may arise during surgery and enables the surgeon and the team to test procedures in 3D-printed material before surgery, and thus find any deficiencies in methods and techniques.

The Many Benefits Of 3D printing 

3D-printed orthopedic parts have multiple use cases. It gives the orthopedist the opportunity to train and prepare for complicated operations, can be used for educational purposes, and is also a very useful tool when explaining the procedure to patients prior to an operation. 

“We see an increased demand for 3D-printed anatomy and guides to increase understanding of – and improve the precision of – orthopedic procedures. However, the process of procuring printed parts is often perceived as complex and time-consuming. With Sectra’s preoperative software and PostNord Strålfors’ expertise in 3D printing and logistics, we have a new, simplified, and integrated workflow that aspires to be as simple as printing a regular document. We’re not quite there yet, but what we now can offer – together – will greatly facilitate orthopedists’ important work, which in turn will lead to many patients receiving even better care.” says Gustaf Schwang, General Manager Sectra AB. 

“We see an increased demand for 3D-printed anatomy and guides to increase understanding of - and improve the precision of - orthopedic procedures"

Says Gustaf Schwang, General Manager Sectra AB

Sustainable Recycling Of 3D-Printed Parts 

3D printing – the technology in itself – creates multiple opportunities for reducing climate footprints. By using ‘digital warehouses’ there is no need for unnecessary over-production and storage of parts, as 3D parts can be printed locally and on-demand. To further ensure sustainability, 3D-printed parts – in this case, orthopedic anatomy – can be returned to PostNord Strålfors for recycling.  

About PostNord Strålfors 

PostNord Strålfors develops and provides communication solutions that give companies with multiple customers and suppliers better opportunities to create stronger and more personal relationships with their customers. With our digital platform, we deliver seamless communication, regardless of which channels the recipient needs. PostNord Strålfors is part of PostNord Group – a leading provider of communication and logistics services in the Nordic region. PostNord Strålfors has operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, with 700 employees and yearly revenue of SEK 2 billion (2020). More information about PostNord Strålfors is available on our About Us page. 

Media Contact Rebecka Mathers media@stralfors.com +46 8-508 830 00


About Sectra 

Sectra contributes to a healthier and safer society by helping hospitals around the world increase their efficiency, and by assisting European authorities in protecting their most sensitive information. The company was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Linköping, Sweden. Sectra is present in 19 countries and is represented through partnerships across the globe, with a revenue of SEK 1.66 billion (the fiscal year 2019/2020). Sectra (STO: SECT B) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, visit sectra.com. 

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