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The most prevalent method of 3D printing is fused deposition modeling (FDM), often called fused filament fabrication (FFF).

FDM provides a faster turnaround time, a lower cost per item, and the ability to make bigger parts than many other 3D print technologies. Our FDM 3D printing service is suitable for producing everything from rapid prototypes to finished products, thanks to a wide range of material possibilities and finishing options.

Producing parts with FDM

Max. Part Size

• 950 x 950 x 950 mm
• 36.0 x 24.0 x 36.0 in

Min. feature size

• 0.4 mm
• 0.016 in

Lead Time

• As low as 3 business days

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Our 3D experts and support will help you with all your questions. Do you need help with your design or choosing the right material for your project?

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