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Customer Insights

It’s very easy; I just choose the desired material and I am shown what it will cost immediately. I can basically do the entire order on my mobile phone if I want.
Sometimes I ask PostNord to check that the order will give the desired
the result, and always receives help quickly.
The team of PostNord is extremely helpful.
Lena Gordon Murkes,
MD Radiology

Lena Gordon Murkes -1


PostNord has provided us with excellent service and deep technical understanding.

They have been a great support for our rapid prototyping development. PostNord's quick production and quality fit our high standards. Pushing limits of 3D-printing technology has been a rewarding and successful collaboration.


Jami Kuusisto

3D-printing specialist


With the help of PostNord, we have gained the ability to receive spare parts in the desired quantity, timeline, and quality. Through the aid of their customer portal, it’s easy to start new projects, get estimates and complete orders.

No one of us who has been involved
in the 3D projects has the design or CAD knowledge. But it is not necessary with the 3D portal, and we can follow the process.

Andreas Stjernudde

Digitalization coordinator

Andreas Stjernudde bild mindre-1

Supply Chain 4.0 Starts Here

Lower Costs-1

Reduce Capital Cost

Rethink your product strategy - No need to buy in bulks when you can buy exactly the amount you need.

Lower Inventory-1

Lower Inventory

With 3D print and a distributed production we can lower your inventory cost by printing on-demand and as local as possible.


Digitalize Your Production

With our new solutions you will be able to keep your production files completely digital. In a digital warehouse. No longer need to take the risk of obsolesce parts.


Top-level Sustainability

Accelerate your sustainability strategy by implementing 3D printing in the day to day business. Be part of a more sustainable supply chain by reducing transportation, over production and waste.

Your Journey Starts Here!

Join us and be in the front seat of tomorrow, as we urge you to be the creator of anything.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the platform free to use?
Yes! All the tools on the site are free of charge. You pay as you produce!
What does it cost to produce?
The cost depends solely on your product, we use automation robots to define live-pricing based on your 3D model. Of course, you can always get a manual quotation for a bigger batch.
What can I produce?
Almost anything in plastic and metal. We refrain from certain products that are in violation of our terms and agreements which you can find on the portal website.
What materials can I choose from?

There is a long list of materials in polymers, thermoplastics, and metal.  We also offer combinations of photopolymers with up to 300 000 combinations of material characteristics.

I'm a consumer, can I use the platform?
Today we only offer our services in Business to business, if you are a consumer we suggest that you go to CDON 3D Portal
My question isn't listed, now what?
Contact us via 3dsolutions@stralfors.com if you have any questions!